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Chart Your Course!!

Are you a talented and skilled Mechanic? Are you Over-worked and Under-appreciated?

Do you wish that you could call your own Income AND write your own work Schedule? 

Are you Tired of working for repair shops and/or Dealerships that Promise Big but always fall short on You? 

If you're saying yes to any one of these things, then i believe being an On The Spot Mechanic is for you!

We offer you a chance to a Future that'll be beneficial for you and yours for a life time.

You will be granted the invaluable Knowledge and Equipment necessary to tackle any situation any vehicle can throw at you!

you'll rise above the average mechanic, YOU will be an L1-A1 Technician.

"The hardest thing to Being Successful Is Getting Started" - Mark Twain

For Further information on how to join our team, and what we offer please call or Email us. 

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